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BubuVoice is one of the important players on the telecommunication voice market.What makes BubuVoice different is the global quality approach on all the services provided. Quality is the most important factor while offering relatively newer technologies to the end-users whom we believe should feel the highest quality possible in their first experience with the services you offer. Right at this point, BubuVoice is the global quality voice service provider you can rely on.

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Bubu since first established has committed to provide the best voice quality to the customer, Bubu is currently only provide services to the call Termination indonesia mobile, and we will also serve customer demand for another route.Bubu was founded by people who have a very high dedication in the field of telecommunications.

What is Voice Over IP (VOIP) ?

IP telephony uses the Internet protocol to transmit voice as packets over an IP network. This means that IP telephony can be achieved, at least in principle, on any data network that uses IP, such as the internet or any of a growing number of intranets and local area networks (LANs). This is in contrast to traditional circuit switched telephony, where an end-to-end circuit is set up between two telephones. A circuit switched connection is established for the duration of every telephone call, with a fixed bandwidth (64 kbit/s) reserved even during silent periods.

In an IP telephony connection, the voice signal is digitized, compressed and converted into IP packets, which are transmitted over the IP network and shared with other IP traffic. A normal telephone call is connected through an end-to-end circuit with a fixed bandwidth.

With IP telephony, a packet-based network is used where a number of calls share the same network link. The data networking technology moves information at a much lower cost by making better use of the network capacity. Not only is a packet- shared network more efficient than a fixed 64 kbit/s circuit switched connection, but it also compresses the voice signal.

Typically IP telephony is handled by a voice gateway that is placed between the PSTN and the IP network. The Voice Gateway provides the physical interface between the telephone network and the IP network. The Gateway handles the signaling to and from the telephone network, reception of telephone numbers, conversion between telephone numbers and IP addressing in the IP network, as well as voice processing.

The voice processing implies reception of the voice signal, compression and packetization, echo cancellation, silence suppression, etc. The gateway compresses the voice signal for two reasons: to reduce the amount of bandwidth required in order to reduce cost and to reduce the delay impact from the network.




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